Upcoming Show – Scott Allen Frost, Dr. Susan Feneck and Li Jackson

Join us on The Ed Bernstein Show for an insightful and inspiring episode featuring remarkable guests who are making significant impacts in their respective fields.

First up, we have Scott Allen Frost, the dynamic entrepreneur and co-founder of Titan Brands Hospitality Group. His incredible journey from adversity to triumph is detailed in his compelling book “Livin’ on a Chair,” where he shares his story of resilience and determination. From lying paralyzed in a ditch to building a multi-million dollar business, Scott’s journey is nothing short of inspirational.

We’re also honored to welcome Dr. Susan Feneck, the CEO, and Li Jackson, the COO of Juvenile Justice Impact. Together, they’re on a mission to bring awareness to the juvenile justice system, working tirelessly to prevent our youth from entering it and to break the cycle of incarceration. Their efforts are not just about reforming systems but also about healing families and strengthening communities.

Tune in to gain valuable insights and be inspired by these incredible individuals! This Sunday at 3pm on Channel 3.

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